What is the SMI & VSA Methodology?
 The main reason for inconsistent performance is due to now knowing quantitatively 'How much move is left upon trade entry (aka open equity OE)?'. To answer this effectively, the Smart Money Indicator(SMI) was developed by the quants in the 1960's to help quantify a top or bottom (T&B's).  From this quantification of a T&B, you can derive 3 stats that can help you gain optimal entries , stop losses and exits.  However, a small limitation of the SMI is in selection of the T&B's that are going to run to increase your net profit margin.

Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) helps you overcome that limitation by looking at the volume that would support a big move either from top to bottom. The pros by at the bottom and sell at the top and in between, they manipulate the markets - to the detriment of the retail trader.   VSA identifies the activity whey they buy, sell or are not involved.

Combine these 2 complimentary methodologies and you have a uniquely powerful, robust and scalable strategy. To watch both indicators live in action, click 
the video below.
SMI & VSA live in action
Why do traders gain insconsistent performance?
This is due to 3 reasons, all arising from not knowing how to read price and volume.
Late Entry
Traders do not know how to read the volume and find out when Smart Money has entered the market.  Thus they get into the trade much later.
Early Exit
When you do not know how much move is left upon point of entry on a probability basis, you tend to exit early and reduce your average profit margin.
The 3 Strategy Stats
When you do not know the 3 Strategy stats, your strategy becomes weak and its performance does not reproduce.
How can SMI & VSA help you?
They will give you 3 strategy stats based on probabilities and backed
by volume
to help you build a sustainable, scalable and reproductive (SSR)
strategy for achieving consistant performance.
Optimal Entries
When you analyze the top and bottom SMI entry points along with volume, you will be able to enter early on a lower time frame and hold it on a higher time frame to capture a larger open equity.
Effective stop losses
When you do not know how much the trade moves against you (aka MAE) before getting to the target, you can place your stop loss effectively, so that you do not get stopped out before the trade gets to your target.
Optimal Targets
When you know how much move is left (aka OE) on a trade upon point of entry, along with volume analysis, you can exit before the smart money has left the market.
The Live Trading Support(LTS) Pack
(SMI Elite OE + VSA + LTR)
To help you trade with conviction and achieve consistent performance
 This is what is included in the LTS Pack: 
 SMI Arrows and Confirmation Dots (useful or backtesting & research)
 Trade to Win package (includes VSA Lite)
 SMI stats on unlimited instruments (helps with placing optimal stops and exits)
 Status Updates
 I/D Live Trading Room (LTR)
 2hrs per month with Thiru & Gavin in LTR
 1 x 1-1 session with trader coach for 1st month
 Both available on Tv platforms
 TV Alerts for SMI(dots) + VSA lite
 Monthly Momemtum Sessions 
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"How I always imagined trading should be done..."
"MTM have a systematic way to create strategies. Starting from a concept and being backed with statistics, the strategies are fully quantified and therefore reproducible and scalable. I have enjoyed the 1 on 1 coaching sessions and what I have experienced is how I always imagined trading should be done".
-Jens Halsberghe, Equity Research Analyst
"I have not seen this level of transparency and enthusiasm before!"
"Rishi and Thiru are committed to training traders, wanting to serve and build a community of traders. I have not seen this level of transparency and enthusiasm before! Great training! Highly recommend if you are serious about trading!"

-Marc Bringmann, Property Investor​​​​​​​
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 At Master The Markets, we are a team of professional traders with over 38 years of cumulative experience. We have coached over 20000 people on 3 continents, consulted on trading floors and presented live trading seminars.

Our 3 unique points are:
Action - Our strategy principles are based mainly on price action which gives better entries and exits for consistent returns.

Research backed - All the trading systems that we publish and trade live have been tested and proven by our research team to ensure that they are sustainable, reproducible and scalable.

Transperancy - We apply the theory and research in real time thorugh Live Trading and show our cumulative results transparently backed by account statements.  This gives you trust and conviction moving foward. 
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